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2010 Nissan GT-R Shelby Supercars, world record speed holder, production cars.
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Car Logos ~ Emblems


Here are some emblems and logos off autos, motorcycles, trucks, 4x4s, just a bunch of cool items. Holding your cursor over any logo will tell you what it represents in certain browsers..
Indian Motorcycles Yamaha - many models available Harley Davidson - Cool Ass Motorcycles Norton Motorcycle Whizzer Motorcycle
Triumph Motorcycles - I think that this is the kind of motorcycle that The "Fonz" had on Happy day. Velocette Motorcycle Vespa Motorcycle Matchless Motorcycle Royal Enfield Motorcycle
Buell Motorcycle Laverda Motorcycle Honda - Many models avalible BMW Motorcycles - Bavarian Motors Works Suzuki Motorcycles
Kawasaki - many Cool models available Pontiac - another one of my GM's favorite catagory. Trans Am's kick ass. I have had many. Ram Air induction is killer. They offer many other vehicle choices also. Buick - many different models have been available, some very sporty ones in the past. GSX, and GS with the massive 455 CID engines GMC General Motor Corporation many different models available Morini Motorcycle
Chevrolet - Chevy - many different models - I like the Corvette best myself.They offer many performance options over the years, SS, RS, Yenko, just to name a few. Saturn - Many different models now available - been around for some years now too. Plastic bodies?...hmmm Cadillac - many different models have been offered for many years, some verry sporty ones too, not to mention convertibles as well, engine sizes have ranged from 4 cyl. - 502 CID V-8's Geo - a General Motors vehicle, basic transportation, maybe more, they do make the geo 'storm' hmmm Oldsmobile - many nice olds have been rolling around for lots of years. The Cutlass was always a classic. Convertibles offered, 4 speed sticks, and 455 V-8's
Opal CORVETTE - by Chevrolet - Cool Ass Car for sure! ultimate sports car. I have had one, a 6 speed model, it went like hell. Z0-6 - Corvette - 405 H.P. WOO HOO what a ride. That's 405 stock from the factory horse power. With a 6 speed in it, that would make one Cool Ass Car, not to mention the look. When I make it rich, I will have one of these. Impala logo - Chevrolet vehicle, been around many years, the newer Impala SS's have the corvette engine and drive train in them SVT Special Vehicle Team - Fords elite extras for many of their vehicles with a wide range of performance options with the "SVT" badge
red - white - blue -Mustang horse Ford Ford  many different vehicles this page is dedicated to them Ford Cobra, very special Mustangs, more power, better handleing, nicer looking Lincoln - many luxury vehicles have been driven with the Lincoln name on them, now some even more sporty stick shift models are being offered. Hot rod Lincolns? hmmm  lol Running Ford Mustang - Cool Chrome look
Ford Original Cobra "R" emblem Ford Racing Delorean Motor Company (DMC) these vehicles are privately owned and manufactured I think. I put them here because they have a ford engine in them new. If I am not mistaken. SVO Special Vehicle Option Ford performance Carol Shelby - GT - Cobra
SVT Special Vehicle Team Toyota 4x4 pick-ups fullsize, compact, Four Runners, Rav's and more, 4 cyl.-V-8's Mercury vehicles Cougar, very popular car, lots of law enforcement vehicles have been mercury's. Dodge 4X4 truck, long bed. short bed, step side, diesel, V-8, half ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton Genuine Chevrolet, Chevy trucks - 4X4 log bed, short bed, stepside, dually, diesel,V-8, 454 ss
Honda - S2000 - Cool Ass Car Ford trucks, 4x4, long beds, short beds, step side, diesel, v-8, SVT,Lighting Mazda 4x4 truck and vehicles GMC, General Motors Corporation, 4X4, short bed, long bed, step side, sierra, diesel, V-8, half ton, three quarter ton, one ton. Land Rover 4x4  many models available
Nissan 4x4 pick-up, long bed, short bed, auto, stick shift Mercury 4x4, Mountaineer and other 4x4 vehicles Rover 4x4 Suzuki 4x4 vehicle Lexus
Hummer (Hum V) 4x4 what a vehicle, ground clearance is stupendious, many options too, price tag is a little out of the average persons range. Lincoln 4x4 vehicles, Navigator, very fast for a larger truck type and 4x4 Chrysler - Mopar  Many cool ass cars produced by this company. Jeep, 4x4 many different models to many to list, 4 cyl.-V-8 engines Eagle - many models available
Chrysler - Hemi motors Dodge - Many Cool Ass Cars produced by this company. Dodge Neon Plymouth - Many cool ass cars produced by this company - speciially in the late 60's and early 70's AMC American Motors Co. many models available
Dodge Charger - Dukes of Hazzard, vehicle.  lol Dodge Viper - Cool Ass Car Plymouth GTX - coolasscar Chrysler symbol Audi - some pretty Cool Ass Cars lately Audi has come up with
Lexus Volvo - many models available BMW -  British Motors Works Very many models offered, some very sporty not just luxury VW Volkswagon Renault
Porsche - Probably one of the fastest cars in the world for sure. many cool ass cars to chose from in the Porsche line up. Twin turbos, no problem. Saab - Mitshubishi - Many cool models available - Cool Ass Cars Daihatsu - hmmm Nissan - many models to chose from. some very sporty too, twin turbos, no problem there.
Mercedes Benz - MB - Luxury - Luxury - many models available too, some very fast as well. Rolls Royce - Money Money - Luxury Luxury - Not many around. subaru Lamborghini - Lambo - Some of the coolest ass cars in the world, if not the Coolest. Mazda
Toyota- many many models to chose from - Twin turbo models too, sure Supra to the rescue. Jaguar Chevrolet Corvette - 40th anniversary badge Bugatti Maserati - way Cool Ass Car
Puegeot Acura - NSX Cool Ass Car MG - MG Midget - Many cool ass cars produced by MG not to mention convertibles Lotus - Cool Ass Cars - Sports car Bentley - Not many people will own one of these in their lives. Luxury to the max.
Kia Hyundai - Good warranties??  lol Mini - Too small for me - I am 6 foot 1 tall. Lancia - A Cool Ass Car - Sports car for sure Eagle - many models available
V- Tech engines Fiat - Many cool ass cars where produces by Fiat. Ferrari - Cool Ass Car for sure many different models too Isuzu Daewoo
    warning - parental advisory, excessive power    
Austin Healey - sports car - some family sedans or wagons were offered too I believe Infiniti - Luxury and sports all in one - some very fast luxury cars are produced by this company Cool Ass Car McLareon F1 - anyone who knows cars know this one. Fast is defined by this car. If you look up Fast in the dictionary it should have a picture of the Mclareon F1 one COOL ASS CAR - When I become filthy rich, I will be buying one of these. See ya on the Autobahn.

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